Moist Cranberry Orange Pecan Loaf or Muffins ***~~~*** Orangen Cranberry Pecan Kuchen oder Muffins

This is a oldie but very moist and easy recipe to make for you family for breakfast - you might want to serve this with honey butter, orange butter or maple butter, its lovely with tea or coffee. Freezes well wrapped in archment paper and vacuum seal it in a zip bag.

Bonus those make a lovely Mini loafes that are perfect as christmas gifts for your neighbors, co-workers or family.

Delicious Vegan Meatloaf - Base Chickpeas **~~** Veganer Hackbraten aus Kichererbsen - fantastisch!

Dear Friends,

apologies for the images - this isnt presented very professionally and nice but someone was very hungry this sunday...

I made this vegan no meat loaf from scratch to prepare a traditional sunday meal for my son and myself, made mashed potatoes from scratch and some red cabbage plus a vegan gravy with pea and mushrooms... it was super delicious taste wise...

The meatloaf has a fantastic flavor - its very traditional amercian meat loaf taste and texture. the base is mainly chickpeas and oats so we are quite close to the real thing but you know its not meat and still love it, my son had it as left overs the next day it was even better.

To produce it is super easy and quickly done.. so i recommend this highly for vegan beginners its a lovely dish that you can serve anyone its just very delicious and satisfying. This is a moist meat loaf but i recommend to make some kind of sauce as it is delicious and makes it even nicer to enjoy!

VEGAN MEATLOAFIngredients1 onion
2 garlic cloves
1 …

Fabulous Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich - Chickpeas ~~**~~ Köstlicher veganer Eiersalat aus Kichererbsen

Dear Friends,

enjoying exploring vegan options - and today i want to share a vegan egg salad with you that i had forst seen with Tabitha Brown and then found a similar version online... the base of this recipes are chickpeas - i have made it with chickpeas but also with white canelli beans - both delicious!

If you are starting a vegan journey as myself i highly recommend investing in a good food processor!

There is a wonderful salt from india kala namak or black salt it has a sligh taste of sulphur which gives this salad the real egg salad makes you tast this eggy taste

The recipe came from this blog

The Best Vegan "Egg" Salad Sandwich with Chickpeas15.5ouncecan chickpeasdrained1/3cupvegan mayo1/3cup celery (1 large stalk)chopped small2Tablespoonsgreen onionchopped1teaspoondill pickle relish1teaspoon sweet pickle relish1/2teaspoon onion powder1/2teaspoongarlic powder1/2teaspoonturmeric powder1/2teaspoonpaprikas…