May 14, 2009

Quick Miniature Quiche

Miniature Quiche

yesterday i cleaned my fridge and had a puffpastry package in there.... alright,,, then i got out some italian bacon, spring onions and crème double.... that makes a mini quiche....

There is hardly a recipe as i just cut circles from the puff pastry, greased my mufffin tin, lined the tin withthe pastry circles and then sliced in fragrant and smokey italian bacon, chopped the spring onions very finly and added those and finished them up wiht a dollop of the crème double , some nutmeg, salt pepper and cheese (i used gruyere).... off into the preheated oven at 375°F and i baked them about 17 Min... wonderful smell from my kitchen... i served it with a handfull leftover green salad that drizzeld wiht a bit of vinaigrette.... was a nice littel supper and i had a glass of leftover red wine from hungary with that... my son his favorit sprized apple juice wich we call a Apfelsaftschorle in Germany.. That was a nice clean up!!

Cheers Alissa

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