April 24, 2009

Chicken Liver Paté with Apples and Onions

(Geflügelleberpastete mit Äpfeln und Zwiebeln von Hoerstel53)

this recipe was suggested to my by a fellow chefkoch bulletinboard user hoerstel - i think it was close to christmas 2008 and i was looking for a quick and easy starter or amuse bouche and there it was....
I ordered a fresh and lovely chicken liver from my local butcher and was skeptical that i would be able to make a nice pate..I have to admit living so close to the french boarder i am spolied wiht nice patés and terrines etc..... But hoerstel encouraged me and i have to say every word was right... it was easy and had a very classical straight forward taste with the subtle sweetness of caramelized apples and onions....
We had that i think the second christmas day as a starter with crackers and on little slices of rye bread.... soooo good and i had also served a graved salmon and we had a honey mustard sauce to go with that... my dad just smeard the mustard dip onto the pate and loved it ... THANK YOU HOERSTEL!
I froze half the pate as this was way too much for us... next time i would half the recipe... or use the other half to eat another german dish - fried potatoes or boiled potatoes with a slice of paté....
So if you are looking for an easy little homemade extra for your party - this should be a hit... you could also add a foie gras topping or a aspic layer on top.

1 lb fresh chicken liver
2 big apples (use a tart kind - i used german boskoop)
2 big oniones
1 cup real unsalted butter
1 tbsp dried sage
freshly ground pepper
a bit cognac or calvados - if you like

Brown the liver in a cast iron pot in butter over medium heat. Take out the liver and leave the greas in to fry the cored and cubed apples and thinly sliced onions till soft and translucent. Throw the liver back in an puree everything till you have a smooth and even cream. Add the spices and caognac and taste till you are satisfied.

Fill into a bread pan or jelly pan tha thas been lined with foil and cover and let sit in the fridge over night.

Tastes wonderful to fresh french bread..... anice adition is mustard, cranberry jam or horseradish...

Tip: if you do this for 4-6 people half the recipe please!


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