April 24, 2009

AMERICAN COOKERY ..............Book recommedation

Hi as you know i am a big cookbook and recipe fan but not only that i do read very much and also culinary mysteries and culinary anything books (fiction, non-fiction, historial...) anyway today i want to show you a book that i have read recently and i really enjoyed the recipes but also the story of the book. Its from Laura Kalpakian ....
American Cookery has everything you like in a book it wraps up a story about women in the 20ths century till today a big mormone family that moves all around the USA. It has lots of sparkle, magic,romance, tragedy - you are immeditly there... you can picture the scenes as they are discribed so beautifully.... It will make you laugh and gives you something to think about.... it is especially mouthwatering with alll the lovely recipes that are a big part of the book.

You can't put it down it is truly fascinating and if you enjoy cooking and reading - that is the story to read.

In german the book is called "Café Eden"...



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