June 30, 2009

Why did you become a food blogger, food writer..? Why do you read blogs?


spending the past few months working on my blog, cooking new dishes or all time family favourites, working on new discoveries and inventions... on the other hand learning about layout, food photography, researching additional information on the current subject, finding suitable images and much more pours with all my love and deep affection and tons of fun into my site.
I have started to create a authentic blog that shows who I am and what I am about. I live and breath food, cherish recipes, wander through the world absorbing spices, herbs, rare vegetables, learning the basic cooking techniques, developing taste and a feeling for flavour and texture combinations, drifting away reading cookbooks, food writing from bloggers, travel gourmets, historic tid bids....
I have started very early in life to get interested in preparing food and what food is al about.... The international background of my family added to the recipe box and food tasting experiences - I was always exposed to many different cuisines and dishes. The open mind and chances to travel many places opened a fascinating world to me and even as a teenager I started buying cookbooks where ever i was.

For me blogging is like therapy it helps me to clear my culinary brain and sort out the piles of recipes, makes me focus and forces me to work accurate, gives me the opportunity to be creative and adventurous, I grow from this a lot.. It makes my laugh at my mistakes, especially in English which is my second language. I get to meet the most fascinating bloggers and readers that care and send me mails or comment on my blog. I enjoy that very much and it builds up my confidence that I am doing the right thing.

The end result will be a hopefully enjoyable keepsake for my family, friends and most important of all to my son.

Why did I start this? I guess working very passionately on the TOH bulleting board and Chefkoch site for many years and reading food blogs like books developed the wish to do something similar where I am limitless and authentic... on my own... For 2 years I had a layout slumbering in blogger... this year I was brave enough to just try... First only in English and then after a few mails and hints bilingual... I love it and I am deeply content with the way it works so far... always room for improves and such but for now I am fine with it!!

If you don't mind - How about YOU - why are you so passionate about Food, Cooking, Blogging and Writing? Or why do you enjoy reading Blogs? Do you use Blogs as new internet cookbooks? Would you recommend others to become a food blogger or food writer.... What do you like about it and what would you like to change?


Cherry Blossom said...

did i ask a offending question? sorry guys if tha tis the case i am just intersted as i am such a big food blog fan - my german blog readers and friends shared their thought.....

shirley nation said...

I believe the recipe you listed on Taste of Home Community for Banana Cake Roll is the one from Woolworth's. My mother took me to the one in Savannah GA when I was a child. Thanks for sharing.


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