May 02, 2009

Saturday Shopping Day ... Trip to the Asia Supermarket...

My son and i went downtown today to take back the books to the library and i got myself some new cookbooks i am really lucky our library carries about a 1.000 cookbooks so before i buy them i can check them out if they are of any use to me.

Around the corner of the library is the biggest asian supermarket in this area they do carry almost anything i need for my korean or mixed asian style cooking... I had so many left over ingredients fom my asian fish stew yesterday i decided to make a stirfry and got some more fresh products ( bak choy, cilantro, kaffir leaves, chiles, limes...) and stocked up on spices, noodles and other stuff
The only thing i wasn't able to find was ready made korean filled rice cakes. Sometimes they have them and i like the ones filled with sesamy and honey the best. To make them yourself is a bit of a challenge - maybe on a different day when i have some help... Alissa

Anyway this is what came out of the leftovers... Prawn stir fry with pinapple, zucchini, carrots, red chiles, kaffir leaves, ginger, garlic, spring onions, cilantro, yellow curry paste, agave syrup and the prawns.. we had that with fried rice noodles. Alissa

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