May 09, 2009

Impressions of a German Farmers Market on a Saturday

Farmers market May 2009... Germany, Mainz

a regular saturday morning, getting my shopping list done while i sit at my kitchen table drinking my tea and eating breakfast... today spelt flour toast and gooseberyy jam.
After i am dressed and ready i take my basket and off drive to the city center of Mainz to the farmers market, organic supermarket and sometimes special food stores like asian, middle eastern of mediterranean ones....Depending on my menu oder what i crave.

Today i just needed the farmers market that has more then 100 booths and carries everything you can is right in the city center as it is in every town ine europe. it is set around our dom - the church you can see in the background. we are very proud of our dom it is going to be 1.000 years this year!!! The whole architecture aorund the market place is beautifull and if you walk 5 min you are directly at the rhine river...

Mainz, Farmers market offer local farm produce, flowers, plants, honey, a huge variety of breads, cheeses, olives and pastes, jams and jellies, meats and olive oil... you will find it there... the only difference today was that i brought my camera along and tried to take some pics... I love the atmosphere there and you feel like having a picknick at the market all looks so nice and yummy... usually if i go with a friend we have a coffee and snack afer we are done with our shopping... if i take my son we go to mosch mosch a japanese ramen restaurant and they do serve the best japanese snack dishes freshly made....

this is local white asparagus - very good in this area...



I got everything i needed a - it's still a secret till tomorrow.... you wil find out then!! Go out to yourlocal farmers, market and enjoy fresh healthy produce, herbs and fruits!! Alissa

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alissa,

this pictures are really wonderful. I also love going to the market. Unfortunately we have only a small market in our city, but every time that I spend in Augsburg or in Munich my first way leads to the Stadtmarkt or to the Viktualienmarkt.



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