April 19, 2009

Last Minute Asian Stirfry


woke up to beautiful sunshine and a totally peaceful sunday morning feeling. Slowly got my bathrobe wrapped around myself and while rubbing my eyes and feeling completly content with myself turned on the tea kettle and put some rye brad into the toaster and checked my emails and oh almost forgot check my NEW own blog.... kinda proud of my little page at this point.... Enjoyed breakfast.... and added the asparagus quiche recipe to the blog while i had my second cup of passionfuit-rooibush tee and a third slice of rye toast with freshle made strawberry jam from my mom..... My son (12 years) old still asleep... and me tip toeing around in my appartment to not wake him up and have a grumpy teenager disturb my sunday morning peace i started to get my recipes sorted through a bit (will take a longer time :-)....)

After i checked that there isn't any fleamarket close by today i decided to go out in the yard and do some weed meditation as a good friend of mine calls it its not weeding think of it as a meditation...
I did that for a while and then was called to lunch at my moms house..... fresh white asparagus from the asparagus field down the street. ( I live in a rural area with lots of vinyards and farms about 60 km from Frankfurt Germany - very close to the rhine river ) Anyway she made a hollandais, plain butter sauce (for me as i am a dairy free chick), she had a plate with several sorts of smoked and cooked hams and new potatoes.... boy that was a nice feast... as a dessert we had plain strawberries with a great bourbon vanilla ice cream (not for me)......

This afternoon after almost loosing all my money to my son in monopoly banking i decided to make some muffins - couldn't make up my mind but i will make some Linzer Muffins later tonight and will tell you about this tomorrow (i hope i have all the ingredients - if not i will make somethig else)...

Not even 5 pm my son annouced he could have a snack... this boy is thin as a stick but eats bus loads of food all day - but i have to say not unhealthy stuff if i have an eye on it... i found his chocolate drawer the other day.. AHA... there it is... i try to stay away from sweets myself (i just quit smoking and do not want to gain so much weight) but i have to admit i am still finding myself sniffing for candy in any corner...lol.... ok the drawer was almost empty.... darn...
Back to the snack he got a raisin bread slice with honey and told me 30 min later when i would think supper would be ready... "i am only asking Mom".... OK... i was just enjoying a bit of TV... so i looked what i could make for this hungry lion.... i had hamburger meat that had to go and i was feeling like doing something asian... so here is todays stirfry...

Litte Lions Stirfry with a Korean Touch

500g/ 1 lb hamburger meat half beef/half pork
1 onion finely chopped
1 garlic clove fonely chopped
2 stalks green asparagus (leftovers from yesterday
1 carrot finely chopped
1 glas of bean sprouts
a bit freshly ground ginger (2 cm)
a dash of lemon pepper, a dash sugar, a dash salt
1 tbsp soy sauce
a dash red pepper flakes
2 tbsp peanut oil
1 tbsp sesame oil
6 big basil leaves finey chopped
3 cups cooked basmati rice

first i heated the 2 oils in the wok and browned the hamburger meat. Then i added all the other ingredients and waited till carrots and apsaragus was ready. I tasted and added more of this and that to my liking and then i thought why not italian basil (i already apologize to my korean host mother and her sister in law who taught me korean cooking)... BUT it tasted wonderful...loved it... Then i just added a cup of rice on one plate and a bit of the stirfry and my son was in heaven - he had seconds...

i will make this again.... for a leftover - clean out the fridge kinda dish i have to say ...very very good...

so much from this side of the world... hope to see you tomorrow...

Waving to all


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