April 29, 2009

Starchef Johann Lafer is BBQ-ing on German Radio and we cook a long...

This is the 4th time that our famous chef is throwing a BBQ Party on my favorit radio station SWR3... He cooks, and explains and all on the radio... this is crazy but it works..

Mr. Lafer gives out the shopping list one week before the event and one day before the cooking you get the recipes on the SWR3 website...
The whole show starts at 4 in the afternoon May 1. 2009 and Germans all around the world bbq along gourmet recipes... it is amazing so far SWR3 know of over 100.000 people that grilled to the radio in the past 2 years....

This is how it goes - you buy the ingredients and get the recipes one day ahead and you prepare the grill by 4 in the afternoon and then Mr. Lafer tells on the radio (while he cooks and prepares) what everybody has to do.. in the breaks they play music and talk to people at home that have registered their party on the SWR3 webpage.... http://www.swr3.de/ (german) and get a call from the station to check how they are doing... there are endless pics of people that took videos or pics of their party and many many reviews how much they enjoyed the food.

This year i will cook along aswell - i have all ingredients at home... and can't wait to taste and see what is going to happen to the ingredients so far i heard rumors the grilled dessert wil be a sweet calzone... i am really excited and will post pics this weekend after the event... i am sure its going to be a lot of fun...


Johann Lafer

Already as a child, I was just as happy to cook as I was to play football (soccer). I grew up in the Steiermark (Austria) and most of the products we cooked came from our own farm. Hence, I learned very early on to have great respect for food and even today, the quality of the products and greatest care during preparation are the guiding principles for my cuisine – as well as natural individual creativity. After training in Graz, I decided to go to Germany. First to Berlin, then to Hamburg to Josef Viehauser at Le Canard. Co-operation with Dieter and Jörg Müller and then with Eckart Witzigmann in the years thereafter made a great impression on me. After a stopover with Gaston Lenotre in Paris, an introduction to the wonderful world of patisserie, I applied for my first job as executive chef – with Silvia Buchholz-Lafer whom I later married. For 11 years I worked as executive chef and later owner together with my wife of the Restaurant Le Val d´Or in Guldental. When the Stromburg came up for sale in the neighbouring Stromberg, we didn’t hesitate very long. After comprehensive conversion work – a challenging task – we opened Johann Lafers Stromburg at the end of 1994 with our restaurant Le Val d’Or and the Bistro d’Or.Even today, the shining eyes of our guests are my biggest motivation.

What was your most moving culinary experience? My most positive experience was when my 14-year-old daughter served me a perfectly prepared dessert from my first cookery book. My worst experience: during an invitation in China I had the “honour” of discovering the eye of a sheep in my soup. It took a great deal of inner persuasion before I managed to swallow it whole, so as not to appear impolite. For days after, I had the feeling that something was looking at me from the inside.
The most amusing kitchen incident you ever witnessed? A guest informed us that he planned to propose to his sweetheart and so he asked us to hide a very valuable engagement ring in a dessert. To his clearly visible horror, his fiancée swallowed the tartlet, together with the ring, in one. The two did marry later at our hotel but with a brand new ring.
Your best piece of advice for amateur chefs? Amateur chefs love to cook and to conjure up culinary delights for their friends. However, as an amateur chef normally doesn’t have a large brigade behind him, good timing and organisation are all the more important.You shouldn’t overdo it on any one occasion, but invite friends around regularly. It’s best to try the dishes out beforehand, to always choose high quality products and to prepare them lovingly and carefully.

Source: world wide gourmet com.. you will find a few recipes in english but most recipes are in german.

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