April 26, 2009

Fleamarket and Beer garden.... What a sunny sunday...

it's sunday and that is the day i usually hit antique or fleamarkets in the area... with such a sunny wake up i grabbed a quick breakfast, my fleamarket basket and my son and of we went to one of my favorit fleamarkets at the university campus in Mainz......

so this is what i found for myself today a preatty old tea box from the 50's its from a german tea brand i decorated it next to my little buddah... and i had to buy this plate - me and my cherry blossoms... so i bargained hard and got it for 8,00 EUR that was great it is an old piece from the 40's, german porclain manufacturer and has 3 littel feet on the bottom side.... very pretty


And here the pics of the beer garden from the Hyatt Hotel Mainz... my son had a applemix soda, myself had a Radler (Beer mixed with Sprite) and we had a good beer garden grilled sausage with curry ketchup on a german roll and we watched the other people and looked at the boats.... We were lucky not so many people today... We sat next to a very nice japanese couple and across from 2 australians with a huge dog... was good fun!

This is the Hyatt Hotel Bell Pepper Restaurant outside sitting area... you can have wonderful brunches there...good foods and wine..

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