April 27, 2009

Cookbook recommadations

The Wagamama Cookbook with a DVD

this is a cookbook that was given to me as a christmas gift 2008.... it is a very interesting cookbook if you like healthy japanese style snack food and Ramen.... which i do very very much..... So i was very happy to receive this gift ... If you enjoy japanese noodle dishes and would like to make them at thome this is the book for you they description is very easy to follow and can be done by anybody.... this is a great book for people that slowly want to try to cook a japanese dish at home....Yo udon't need expensive kitchen tools or expensive ingredients - just your local asian food market and off you go....


This cookbook is i think the best treasure for day to day cooking to me.... she is a food blogger in germany

Delicious Days is a fantatsic cookbook that i had to read from cover to end in one go... i have marked so many single recipe with post-it flags. Apart from the recipes she has included stories about the food and how she became a blogger...Its in english! have a look at her blog http://www.delicousdays.com/... i am a big fan and so far every recipe worked out fantastic... she has a wonderful eye for style, sensational pictures and her descriptions of the recipes are so precise and easy to follow. I am sure you will not regret getting this cookbook it is available in german and english.... i have the english version and i will never ever give it away. So far i guess i have tried 1/3 of her recipes....
The easter brioche are made with her recipe.. !

Pass the Polents. and other writings from the Kitchen by Teresa Lust

i came across this book by accident i was looking for soemthings else and the title interest me and i am not sorry i got this book - i couldn't put it down i had to finish it in one weekend and immediatly had to cook at least 3 of the included recipes... It is a wonderful, cheerful and also funny... plus you learn so much in such an easy way... I have given this book as a git to people that enjoy cooking and reading about food like i do.

"Food is not merely about calories and minimum daily requirements and metabolic pathways. At its very heart, food is about people."--from Pass the Polenta

Likewise, people are at the heart of this warm, personal collection of food- and family-inspired essays by former professional chef and food historian Teresa Lust. An Italian immigrant grandmother who plucked chickens in the backyard; an introverted mushroom forager who collected chanterelles in the woods; a German auntie who learned to knead bread in a wooden bucket; an unassuming wine shop owner who, after closing, offers a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and a delightfully unpretentious way to value a wine--all are key ingredients in the zesty culinary heritage that Teresa Lust lovingly serves up. Like the creamy, sweet polenta that wooed her father into her mother's robust Italian family, this book is filled with a myriad of rich flavors, history, kitchen tips, and recipes. Lessons in life learned at the stoves of the many seasoned cooks in Lust's world, these wonderful true stories are an expression of art and love, family and self, soil and the seasons. Random House

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Anonymous said...

Dear Alissa,

thanks a lot for the presentation of so interesting books. I've already ordered "Pass the Polenta" and I hope, amazon will send me the book asap.

I love cookbooks and I have also "delicious days" in my bookshelf. This is my favourite book at the moment and I have already cooked many receipes from this book. And also Nicky's foodblog is very interesting.



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