April 24, 2009

Ambiente 2009

Ambiente 2009

c) RTL II, Foto: Thomas R. Schumann - Die Kochprofis

Annually i visit the ambiente fair in frankfurt - years ago as a exhibitor for italian design accessories for kitchen & bath items.... the past years to get new ideas for the watch collections we make - here i find the latest trends, colors and patterns that i can use plus i meet old colleagues and customers.
BUT apart from that my favorit part is to find time to visit the kitchen tools, cookware and dinnerware halls... this is the worlds biggest fair for all consume items... it provides all you need -lol
I spend a lot of time a several cookware booths...

I met few german tv chefs and had the chance to taste terrific food.... I have seen Frank Buchholz cook at the Fissler cookware stand, i had a few words with Mario Kotaska and Martin Baudrexel from the german tv show "Die Kochprofis" a show that i watch regularly. These guy help get resturants back in shape... similar to gordon ramseys format but not as harsh or commercial...

I also saw Jamie Oliver (from far) but checked out his kitchen gadets and dinnerware...Olivers booth a the fair....

I tell you if you walk through the ailes and see all the wonderful products, gadgets, littel helpers, baking pans and such you just need a lottery win and go shopping for a longer time... not to mention the cookbooks.... i guess i wouldn't mind my own cookbook library.... i have quite a few cookbooks but can you ever have enough of those?? lol .Alissa

Ralf Zacherl cooks a very nice late breakfast at the Silit Cookware booth .....

First time i arrived they just served a Dilly Soup with a Shrimp omlett on a bread chip. Later i came back for lunch....hmmm he and his colleague made a green Thai Stirfry with pasta... stupid me forgot my camera so i could only make pics with my cell phone... next year i bring my camera.... This Stirfry was done in no time he used green curry paste, coconut milk, fresh pak choi, thai brokkoli, chicken breast, wok pasta, fresh cilantro and kaffir leaves and i think chiles....

Something i found on the fair and got myself immediatly were those POACH PODS...brilliant idea as i make myself chinese noodle soups every second day and i really like a poached egg in there but never had very good results - this was the ticket for a nice noodle soup with my poached egg.>

'Eggs from a pod – whatever next? Create perfectly poached eggs time after time with this 21st century solution to the problem of wandering whites. Coat the silicone lightly with oil, crack your egg into the pod, and float in boiling water. Once cooked, flip the pod inside out to release the domed egg. Can also be used for baking or as a jelly mould.
Oven safe"


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